Thursday, 7 August 2014

DIY | Tribal Tassel Necklace | Tutorial

DIY Tribal Tassel Necklace

August is here which means one thing… Festivals! 
I love going to festivals, not just for the amazing music, atmosphere and people but the chance to wear outfits that are little bit quirkier, fun and boho inspired than everyday wear. For me no festival outfit is complete without a statement necklace, and if its handmade… even better! 

So I decided to give an old necklace I don’t wear anymore an injection of tribal style by adding coloured threads and created tassels, making it the perfect accessory to create cool boho vibes at my next festival.

Here’s how I did it…

I used…

Coloured embroidery threads
Old necklace (mine was Primark) or chunky chain
Needle (optional)

I started by plaiting three strands of one colour of my thread together, leaving it loose at both ends. 
Then I knotted one end to the bottom of the necklace in the middle of the necklace leaving plenty of thread for my tassel. Then I used a chunky needle to weave the thread in and out of each section of the necklace all the way to the top. 

Once I reached the last hole I turned back and worked my way down to the bottom again, before making another knot and leaving the threads dangling. 

I then trimmed the threads to create the tassels. 

I then added more colours either side of until I was happy with my design.

This is such an easy and fun way to update and transform an old, plain necklace into a boho statement piece, I will definitely be adding tassels to more things in the future. 

I hope you like and I would love to hear how you update your old jewellery, tweet me @annabirty90, or comment below. Keep an eye out for a future festival style post coming to my blog soon.

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  1. love this! and you could mix and match with so many different colours for different looks!


    1. Thanks lovely! I know it's so easy and fun! A great way to give old jewellery a new lease of life! :) xx

  2. I really need to try this! loved it and also I nominated you for an award!

    1. Ah thank you so much for the nomination! Love your blog hun! xx


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