Sunday 30 July 2017

DIY | Glitter Gem Festival Shorts

Summer would be nothing without the great British festival and this year I am loving the trend for glitter embellishment, from makeup to clothes, sparkles are everywhere. 
I thought I would share an easy upcycle hack for a festival staple, a classic pair of denim shorts. So why not get your glitter on and transform your old denim shorts with this festival inspired tutorial.

You will need:
Glitter pots (mine were from here)
Gems (mine were from here)
Fabric glue
Paint brushes

I think the gems are designed as face gems, however they work just as well on fabric. I bought two packets each with around six large gems and several smaller ones. They are the perfect size for this DIY however if you want more, go for it, the more the better. I got my glitter pots from Ebay, and I could choose the colour and style, I also got three free when I bought my first three. I only used three of the colours for this DIY and there was still plenty left in the pots once I had finished. 

 Here's how I did it...
To start I arranged my gems in position and once I was happy with the lay out I secured them down using my fabric glue. The key is to push down firmly and hold for a few seconds to allow the glue to stick. I worked around the pockets and matched the design on the other side. Once I had finished with the gems I started to apply the glitter in different layers.

 I used one brush to spread the glue onto my shorts and kept another brush dry to dust on the glitter and spread it around. I found spreading the glue thinly helped the glitter stick better and avoided big clumps in one area. I worked in small sections to make sure the glue didn't dry up before I could apply the glitter. I started with the lightest pink glitter as a base then built up my design with the green and blue colours. Once I was happy with my design I added in a last few small gems around the edges to really finish of my glitter shorts in style.

And you're done! How fun was that? 
I finished off my shorts with a little hair spray to help keep the glitter in place. I love how easy but super stylish this DIY is, and the best bit is you can be as creative as you like, mix it up with different colours, style and shapes. 

Why not try a design on the back pockets too?
 I have definitely got the glitter bug now, so I am sure you will be seeing plenty more sparkly DIY's on my blog soon! 
What do you think? Would you give it a go? 

 Thanks for reading!

Want to complete the festival look? 


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