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Crochet Pattern | Smitten Valentines Glove Tutorial

Why not share a bit of warmth as well as love this Valentines. Cosy up with the one you love in this cute crocheted Smitten glove, perfect for keeping both your hands snug on long winter walks.

I have been wanting to make one of these shared, 'holding hand' gloves for a while after spotting the idea on Pinterest. So with the colder weather closing in and valentines day approaching, I thought I would show you how I made my crocheted Smitten Glove. 

You will need:

Chunky Yarn
Crochet hook 
Sewing up needle
I used a ball of chunky yarn I found in my stash, and a 7mm hook but you can use similar hook depending on what your yarn ball band suggests.

Double crochet (dc)
Increase (inc) add an extra stitch into the same space

The Body
 (you will need x2 of these)

Chain 10 stitches
Row 1: dc 10
Row 2: dc 5, increase (inc) 1 stitch, dc 5
Row 3: dc 11
Row 4: dc 6, inc, dc 5
Row 5: dc 12
Row 6: dc 6, inc, dc 6
Row 7: dc 13
Row 8: dc 7, inc, dc 6
Row 9: dc 14
Row 10: dc 7, inc, dc 7
Row 11: dc 15
Row 12 : dc 8, inc, dc 7  
    Row 13: dc 16
Row 14: dc 8, inc, dc 8
Row 14: dc 17
Row 15: dc 9, inc dc 8
Row 16: dc 18
   Row 17: dc 9, inc, dc 9
Row 18: dc 19
Row 19: dc 10, inc, dc 9
Row 20: dc 20 
Row 21: dc 6, inc, dc 4, inc, dc 4, inc, dc 6. 
You should have 23 stitches.
Row 22: dc 23
Row 23: dc 6, inc, dc 5, inc, dc 5, inc, dc 6. 
Row 24: dc 25
Row 25: dc 6, inc, dc 6, inc dc 6, inc, dc 6.
Row 26: dc 27
 Row 27: dc 6, inc, dc 7, inc, dc 7, inc, dc 7.
Row 28: dc 29 

Once you have made two identical glove bodies, sew them together along each side and bottom, leaving the top open.

Now it's time to create the two hand holes at the top of your glove. Sew up 8 stitches in the middle of the glove, leaving two holes either side.

The Rib
(switch to a smaller size hook, I used a 6mm to make the rib tighter around the wrist hole)
Working around one of the holes, start by chaining one then alternate making one front post treble with one back post treble in each stitch around the hole. 

Front post trebles are made like this...
Yarn over, hook through front of the next stitch, yarn over and pull through two, yarn over pull through two.

Back post trebles are made like this..
Yarn over, hook through back of the next stitch, yarn over and pull through two, yarn over pull through two.

Repeat for three rows, slip stitch into the first stitch to join and fasten off. Repeat around the other hand hole.

And you are done!
A cosy shared glove that's the perfect for keeping warm this winter! 
Why not give it a go!?

 I finished mine off with a little embroidery using a red yarn. But you can style yours any way you like, why not try using different yarns around the trim for a pop of colour? I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial as much as I have creating it. I am far from an expert at making crochet patterns, I enjoy just making it up as I go but I have tried to make this as easy for you to follow as I can. I would love to hear if you have made one too! Leave me a comment below or tweet me.

Thanks for reading,

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