Thursday, 23 February 2017

My Travel Essentials for Surviving Traveling on the Train

 Anyone else craving a bit of adventure?

I love escaping for the weekend and exploring a new city or town, even if it just an hour or so away, sometimes that's all I need to satisfy my endless wanderlust.
With a exciting trip to London planned this weekend, I thought this was a great chance to share my top tips for surviving traveling via train & some essentials I cant live without.


 Keep creative
I am not shy of a train journey or two. Before we got our house, I often spent my weekends on trains, traveling down to London to see Tom. With a good 2-3 hours a head of me I would always plan to take something to keep my creative brain active. A crocheting or knitting project is always a fun and easy activity to keep my hands busy. The time flies when I'm sat crocheting watching an episode of Blue Planet on the iPlayer, I feel like I'm in my own little world. If you are looking for an on the go crochet project to inspire you, why not give this corner to corner blanket a go...

Beauty Essentials
I am always conscious of the damage public transport can do to your skin and health, so with this in mind I always carry a generous amount of toiletries with me when I travel. Among my must have supplies is my favourite lip balm, Kiehl's Lip Balm #1, it is the perfect travel size and the only balm that keeps my lips hydrated even under harsh train heating conditions. Hand moisturiser is always in my bag too, I hate having dry hands so a little tube of hand cream is a must. A small bottle of anti bacterial hand gel is the perfect size to use on the train, especially when it can be hard to keep your hands clean when traveling.  

Get Planning 
I love grabbing a moment to catch up on some life admin, and a train journey is a perfect chance to get orgainsed. Taking a diary with me on my travels means I can make plans to meet up with friends, appointments or holiday dreams to kill time on the journey.    

I have recently bought some headless ear phones, and they are honestly the best gadget EVER! I love taking them to the gym as well as on my travels, they make watching my iPad or listening to music streamline and easy. They connect via blue tooth and block out any surround sound, perfect for traveling. Mine are from Anker.

What are your travel essentials?
Don't forget to check out if you are planning a get away this winter. 

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