Thursday, 22 September 2016

My Makes | Handmade Bridesmaid Dresses

Although I love sharing tutorials, crafting and DIYing on my blog, occasional I make something a little more personal which I feel really proud of and just have to share! Over the past two years I have been slowly working on five handmade bridesmaids dresses (including one for myself) ready for my best friends wedding. It has taken many late nights, long weekends and trips to the fabric shop but the hard work paid off and I am super proud of the results. The girls made the dresses look even more amazing on the day and Chloe (the beautiful bride) loved them too.

Chloe asked me to make the dresses a few months after she asked me to be a bridesmaid in 2014. We were chatting about styles we liked and saw the most amazing grey, full-length Alexander McQueen dress and feel in love. Knowing it was completely out of Chloe's price range I suggested making some instead, as I know she loves handmade items, thoughtful gifts and personal touches. I set about sketching a design and looking for patterns for ideas, whilst Chloe looked for fabric she liked.

I started off using a simple bodice pattern from this dress pattern from Simplicity. I made it sleeveless and full length but based my fabric quantities and measurements for each girl from that pattern, then made the rest up!

The bodice was made of lighter grey sateen which was fitted and boned. The outer layer was darker grey chiffon which was pleated. Each girl had around three meters of chiffon to make the pleats look full and even. The sashes were an add on at the beginning of this year, but I feel they really finished the outfits off perfectly.

There was about five fitting with the girls in total I think. With the last one a few weeks before the wedding for final alterations. The wedding itself was beyond dreamy, totally magical with an Alice in wonderland theme. Check out Chloe's blog Playing The Wife to see the wedding prep and more photos.

Thanks for stopping by. 
What's your proudest sewing achievement? Are you working on a long term make? Drop me a comment below!


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