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So you have all heard of FOMO (fear of missing out) well this autumn say hey to GOMO (go out more often)! Eventbrite have challenged me to write an autumn bucket list to encourage everyone to GOMO this coming season! Check out their event planning tool here...

I am always up for experiencing something new and making memories, so here are my suggestions for making sure this autumn is one to remember!


Don’t get me wrong, I love a good European city break, they are always at the top of my Christmas and birthday wish lists, but this autumn I am going to make plans to stay local instead and discover what this beaut-of-a-country has to offer! There are some amazing cities up north that I am yet to visit, and really want to take advantage of the culture and sights on my doorstep. I am excited to visit Newcastle this month, a city that is only 2 hours away from me but I can’t believe I have never visited before!

Ok, so you aren’t guaranteed the weather around here but the best bit about holidaying local, is you won’t have a baggage allowance or liquid limits, you can pack for every eventuality and just chuck everything in the car and go! One of my most treasured weekends away was when Tom and I stayed in a tiny B&B in the lakes one autumn. We had no phones, walked everywhere, wrapped up warm and drank local ales all weekend - bliss. I am learning more and more you really don’t have to get on a plane to ‘get away’ from it all.   

Ride a bike

This has been on my to do list for a while, I would love to get a bike. The last one I had was at uni, it was a great way to get around until someone decided they liked the look of my front tire and took off with it in my second week… Not great and that’s probably put me off getting another since. Not only is biking great exercise but gets you outside more and means you can explore further a field to places that are that little bit too far to walk. There is a company in Clitheroe that lets you rent a bike for 4 weeks for around £22, which would give me a chance to see if would use it enough before committing to buying one! They are called Cycles Recycled, check them out here if you like the sound of renting a bike this autumn.

Visit Downton Abbey

My all time fave film is Pride and Prejudice (the one with Kiera Knightly obvs) and I’m a sucker for a period drama so you can imagine my excitement at visiting stately homes and castles. One of the first dates I went on with Tom was a spontaneous trip to Chatsworth House one sunny bank holiday when we were at uni. It always sticks in my head as one of THE best days. Stately homes always inspire me and not only for the architecture but the beautiful ground that surround them. The fact that you can take a picnic and spend the day there means they are perfect for a day out one weekend!

I am yet to visit the Downton abbey house, and think it would be extra picturesque in autumn so am putting this on my wish list in the coming months. Anlwick Castle, where Harry Potter was partly film has always been on my to do list! Maybe this autumn is the time to go! 

Star Gaze

My favourite thing about autumn is the nights getting darker and the temperature getting colder. I love wrapping up in a thick coat and scarf and heading out on a walk, and what’s more romantic than cosying up and watching the stars on a crisp clear night.

Tour A Brewary

Maybe it my northern roots but I am a big fan of a brewery. Pretty much every time Tom and I go away to a European city we somehow find our self on a brewery tour. There are a few around were I live that brew locally made beers and ales and provide a guided tour of the process. I think they are a great day out with a bunch of friends or as part of weekend break with the other half. This autumn I want to head to the Black Sheep brewery in Masham 

I hope you have enjoyed my little autumn bucket list and I hope I have given you some ideas and inspirations for writing your own! The colder months aren't all about staying inside by the fire, get out and explore and say heeyy Autumn! GOMO!

What would be on your autumn wishlist?

Remember you can alway use Eventbrite's free event planning tool here to plan anything from a charity event to your own mini festival! 

 Thanks for reading!

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