Sunday, 22 May 2016

DIY | Customised Patch Denim Jacket

 The fashion world is having a bit of a flashback to the 90's recently and my favourite trend is the use of patches and pins to customise outfits. Found on anything from jackets to crop tops, retro patches are everywhere and are a super fun way to liven up old clothes. The good news is that it's so easy & quick to do at home, all you need is an iron. 

I love this DIY as you can choose patches that suit your style and personality, there's so many out there to choose from. I bought mine from Etsy, Ohh Deer, and a local haberdashery. Most patches are iron on and come with ready applied adhesive on the back, but it's best to double check before hand.

Here's my tips & tricks for applying patches and creating your own DIY customised jacket...

Start by placing the patches on your jacket to see where you would like them to go, I played around with a few ideas but settled on two on the back and two on the front. 

Pineapple: Dixie+Dotty, Etsy, £2
Grrl: Half Stitch Embroidery, Etsy, £2.50  
GirlGang: Ohh Deer, £4.95 
Cherry: Local Haberdashery

 Use a medium heat with no steam setting on your iron to avoid too much heat on your patches. I used a plain piece of cotton in between the iron and the patch to protect it further, an old t-shirt or pillow case will work just as well. This not only ensures your patches do not burn but also means no excess glue runs off onto your iron, which could ruin other clothes in the future.

Hold the iron over the fabric and patch for around 10 seconds, then slowly lift off the fabric and check whether the patch has stuck. Use your finger nail to pick at a corner to test whether it has bonded or not. If the patch needs a little longer try holding the iron on for a few more seconds until it is glued stuck down.

P.s Watch your fingers! My patches got very hot, surprisingly quickly! Ouch!

  I found the corners of my cherry patch took a little longer to stick down, if you have a patch with an awkward design like this, try holding the very tip of the iron onto the patch to apply pressure and heat directly to the odd areas.

My pineapple patch took a little longer before it began to stick, which I think might be due to its size and the fact it had sequins on it. This one is definitely my favourite though!

I finished off by putting the small 'Grrl' patch on the pocket at the front of my jacket, as it was a perfect size for it. 

You can add as many or little as you like and really show off you personality using the patches, which I love! Why not try adding some pins on too!?

I wouldn't recommend washing your clothes after the patches have been glued on but if you know you will be washing your garment regularly and want to make sure they stay on, try hand stitching the patch after you have ironed it to secure it further.

I hope this little post has been useful if you want to customised your clothes! Have fun my lovelies! 




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