Sunday, 20 November 2016

Lifestyle | Bella Coco: How To Crochet eBook Review

Once in a while I come across a blog that really inspires me and over the past few years Bella Coco has continued to be one of my favourites. 

Sarah-Jayne is the lovely lady behind Bella Coco, not only does she manage her blog, regularly posting about interiors, weddings and craft, she also runs a successful YouTube channel teaching crocheting and has opened BellaCoco Store selling yarn and crochet supplies. I often head to her blog to learn a new crochet stitch or technique, knowing her tutorials will be modern and easy to understand. So when I heard Sarah Jayne was bringing out her first eBook How To Crochet: A Handy Reference Guide I jumped at the chance to review it.

When I first opened Bella Coco: How To Crochet eBook I was impressed with the colourful front cover, which immediately made me want to start crocheting. There’s something about seeing a new ball of yarn gets my imagination flowing.

Inside the layout of the ebook felt fresh, clean and colourful with beautiful images to explain every step. The book didn’t feel rushed or over crowded which I found really refreshing from a craft book. Often they can be very wordy making you feel overwhelmed with terminology, but Sarah Jayne’s book is written in a friendly, chatty style that is clear and simple to understand.

The book teaches you all the important basics you need to know when starting out learning to crochet. It is a clear guide for all things crochet starting with tools needed, yarn types and terms used in patterns, before taking you through a clear step-by-step guide to starting your first project. 

How To Crochet explains the differences between UK and US crochet terminology in a way that is logical and quick to refer to. Even though I have been crocheting for a few years now, the straightforward tables are a big help, as it can be confusing at times when I am looking at crochet patterns. Sarah-Jayne also goes through the various type of yarn that can be used in crocheting and terms to look out for when shopping, giving you the confidence to choose the most suitable yarn for your project.

Even if you have never crocheted before the step-by-step tutorials in the ebook are so clear and simple, that you’ll be able to follow along with Sarah-Jayne as she demonstrates each stitch and practice over and over again in your own time. Once you have mastered the slip stitch the book takes you through some of the most popular stitches in crocheting, including double and treble stitches before showing you how to increase and decrease your work too. Although I regularly crochet, I am still learning everyday and found these a good reminder of how to do the most popular stitches, as well as a handy reference for when I come to a stitch I don’t often do such as decreasing. I can refer back to the simple step by step and know that I am doing it right. 

Along with the book, Sarah-Jayne gives her readers exclusive access to a video guide that talks through all the steps in the book in more detail, which is really handy to help you master each technique.

How To Crochet, was a pleasure to read and explore. I feel it makes learning to crochet fun, modern and fresh as well as being an simple reference guide and reminder for those more familiar to crocheting. Pick up your copy of How To Crochet over on Bella Coco Store here or why not give the gift of crochet this Christmas and grab one for a craft loving family member instead.

Hope you have enjoyed this little post, keep an eye out for another crochet project post coming soon.


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