Thursday, 28 January 2016

DIY | Coffee & Coconut Beauty Mask

  Can’t afford to treat your favourite lady to a luxury spa trip this Mother's Day? I have the perfect DIY face mask to make at home using just two ingredients… 


 I love using coconut oil when cooking as a healthy alternative to other oils but I only recently learnt that it has amazing skin and beauty benefits too. It is an all natural product that leaves your skin super soft, moisturised and glowing. I have combined it with coffee which is known to be rich in antioxidants and caffeine, both help fight aging and brighten skin. 
It's a really simple recipe that you can make at home in a few minutes! A perfectly thoughtful & handmade gift for Mother's day.
Here's how to make this easy coconut & coffee beauty mask...

You will need:

2 tbsp Coffee 
(ground or crushed beans)
2 tbsp Coconut oil
(Lucy Bee, available from Sainsbury's)

Start by crushing your coffee beans into a fine powder, I have read organic beans are the best due to having less chemicals in them however I just used these fairtrade ones I had at home.
 Mix well with two tablespoons of coconut oil in a bowl until nicely combined, this can get a little messy but that's all part of the fun, right?

Transfer to a jar and present with ribbons, tags or anything your mum would love!

The mask will keep for around a week in a sealed container in the cupboard. Both ingredients work wonders for the skin, not only for the face but body too, helping to fight cellulite and dry skin. 

How to use: 
Scoop a handful of the mask onto the skin and smooth over, lean back and leave for a minute or two then rinse off. The mask is a little crumbly so it's best to use over a sink or in the bath. Try using as a light exfoliator too, working it in small circles around the nose and forehead to remove dead skin cells before rinsing. 

The thick texture feels amazingly luxurious and will leave skin nourished and glowing, not to mention the rich smell will transport you to a tropical island in the sun.

I hope this has inspired you to create something gorgeous this Mother's Day! Follow my Pinterest board for more handmade DIY craft ideas ...

Big thank you to Cotton Traders for including my idea as part of their 'Mother's Day Inspiration Guide'.


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