Thursday, 5 November 2015

Interiors | How to use flowers to brighten up a room this autumn

 Need a little autumn/winter interior inspiration? 
Look no further, as I have made a Pinterest worthy blog post full of ideas and images showing you clever and beautiful ways to incorporate flowers in your home this winter. 

I find a seasonal bloom the easiest and cheapest way to instantly brighten and bring life into your home and one of my favourite ways to display flowers is in a jug. Go for a vintage style jug in cream, blue or tin to really nail the country cottage look. You'll find old jugs like this anywhere from charity shops to local markets, just give them a good scrub or paint up. I love this Etsy find.
 If you want a less 'quaint' looking vase wash out an old jar and place a few stems that have been cut down in it, to suit a more modern deco. Pinterest is full of cute ideas to revamp an old mason jar into a vase, my favourite is simply tying a bit of old string or hessan ribbon around the jar for added vintageness! Dipping half the jar in a co-ordinating paint is a great way to add a little colour to your room.
 How cute is this table center piece? This chunk of wood not only protects your surfaces but adds a little woodland chic to your home, perfect for autumn. An Etsy version here...

Upcycling and old create or wooden box to hold flowers can make a pretty addition to your kitchen or area just outside your front door. 
 Autumn is the perfect time to scavenge for leaves, flowers and berries, turn these winter walk finds into garlands to run along your table or place in individual vases and jugs to bring the outside in.

Aren't they pretty?!
I hope you have been inspired by this post, but if you want more head to my Pinterest page and get pinning those autumnal blooms.

For a little added inspiration why not check out flower delivery by BloomNation, they support local florists by providing a delivery service and have an amazing Pinterest site full of floral goodness. 

Thank you to the lovely people at BloomNation for inspiring this post.

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